Keep your stock management up to date and speed up thanks to the developing barcode technologies. Track your stock and warehouse operations instantly, minimize errors and losses!

CPM Inventory Management module is designed to provide warehouse organization and to manage your stocks in the best way possible. CPM Inventory Management module provides you with an extremely comprehensive service thanks to its ability to organize your stocks on a sectoral basis completely according to your own needs.


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General features of stock and warehouse management:

  • Parametric and highly functional stock structure that can be arranged according to company needs
  • Keeping and coding customer and supplier information on stock basis
  • Automatic code generation
  • barcode applications
  • Extremely flexible and programmable Card or Gesture barcode labeling
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Ability to define volume and control information on a warehouse basis
  • Maximum/minimum and critical stock level tracking
  • When the stock falls below the critical level, the system can send warning messages and prevent the process if desired.
  • Ability to monitor stock quantities by warehouse, series, lot and multiple units
  • Lot/Series tracking
  • Automatic FIFO, LIFO lot transactions
  • Warehouse entry procedures
  • Material roll-up lists
  • Warehouse exit transactions
  • Use of hand terminal and barcode reader in all stock movement processes
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Transfers between departments within the warehouse
  • Confirmation mechanism at every point
  • Warranty tracking
  • Re-costing in TL and foreign currency on the basis of stock, warehouse, lot
  • Inventory


Stock cards are cards where you can access all kinds of transaction information with stocks. Card information about the stock can be arranged according to the company’s needs and is designed to be easily accessible when required.

  • Stock code
  • Stock Name
  • Import Code/Name
  • Export Code/Name
  • Description 1–2-3–4–5
  • Main Unit
  • Unlimited different unit variables that can be defined
  • Stock Group
  • Accounting Group
  • Stock Type-Type
  • User Defined Codes
  • VAT and SCT Information
  • Product Manager-Product Manager

It is possible to define unlimited sales prices and conditions in CPM (See Price-Discount-Campaign). In addition, the function of defining price and price currency on the stock card has been developed. It is possible to define 12 different prices and price currency types in the stock card. The program can work with the prices defined on the card or over the price definitions, or it can work with both.

Customers and sellers may want to place orders with the stock codes they have determined, not with the stock codes we use, and to see their own commodity codes on the waybill and invoices. In CPM ERP, goods code, name, barcode number can be defined for each customer and seller, and all documents can be processed using these codes.

  • Inventory statement (in foreign currency, local currency)
  • Stock aging (currency, local currency)
  • Cost analysis
  • Customer/product profitability analysis
  • Movement analysis (order, waybill, invoice, warehouse, etc.)
  • Graphic reporting
  • Price range analysis
  • order lists
  • Monthly sales/buying analysis
  • Graphic reporting
  • User-defined reports

Searching all cards in the card viewer is as fast a function as searching the internet. Thanks to this function, it is very easy for the user to quickly access the desired record among thousands of records. (see Functional search)

It is used to create a new card stock by taking a card with the same functions.

It is the recommended function to be used when more than one card needs to be opened. It allows hundreds of cards to be identified to the system very quickly.

It is a very useful function when it is necessary to make a mass change in the existing stock, on a field basis, as well as providing the transfer of all cards in a controlled and fast manner by determining which fields will be transferred to all the stock information prepared in an existing Excel file in the system.

On the basis of a user or user group, the following authorizations can be given on a field basis, if desired:

  • See stock information
  • Update stock information
  • Inventory card deletion
  • Open card stock
  • Stock currency definition

With the file attachment function, an infinite number of files in Word, Excel, Pdf, Mvi etc. formats can be added. Added files are saved and protected by the program.

Up to 5 images can be added to a stock card to be printed out.

  • Parametric, highly functional and user definable stock structure
  • Keeping and coding customer and supplier information on stock basis
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Warehouse organization (department, location, etc.) and storage in accordance with the structure of the stock
  • Statuation of warehouse locations, definition of volume and control information
  • Maximum/minimum stock level tracking
  • Generating purchase order requisitions based on optimal order quantities
  • Lot/Series tracking
  • Automatic FIFO, LIFO lot transactions
  • Full compatibility with quality management systems such as ISO, QS
  • Entry waybills
  • Warehouse entry procedures
  • shipping orders
  • Shipment & Waybill
  • Warehouse exit transactions
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Transfers between warehouse locations
  • Confirmation mechanism in transfer transactions
  • Customs & Customs clearance
  • Pallet tracking
  • Product replacement
  • Inventory recosting

CPM has been prepared taking into account the industrial needs of companies engaged in production and distribution. The coding, description and operating system fully responds to both real applications and the requirements of quality systems such as ISO/QS.

There can be an unlimited number of warehouses in the stock system, and these warehouses can be divided into warehouse areas. In this way, great convenience is provided in both placement and material collection processes.

Manufacturer and Customer codes can be used without affecting your system at all. In this way, both the entry and exit procedures and the issued documents are as everyone wants.


Stock and Warehouse Management is the backbone of sales, purchasing, planning and costing studies. CPM material management modules are designed to best manage your warehouse and stocks. It offers you extremely comprehensive services with its ability to configure your stocks on a sectoral and institutional basis completely according to your own needs.


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