Do not get lost in the detailed world of accounting! Work with CPM Accounting Management software, experience the ease of accessing your accounting records with one click and accessing the relevant reports instantly…

Accounting, which is a science that records, classifies, summarizes and reports the financial transactions of businesses, is the main pool where the data created in the system is collected and both public and management reports are prepared. Get support from the right software to manage and control this large pool.


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Sales, Purchasing, Corporate Purchasing, Finance, Production etc. With its flexible structure that meets the needs of Turkish tax legislation (V.U.K.) and international main reporting (TFRS and USGAAP) standards, financial data generated in business units and accounting records are automatically created, it meets all accounting reporting needs of businesses. It has been designed to respond to the different demands of businesses with its extremely flexible structure that provides connection with other modules of the system and works online. For example; Even in a sales invoice, it can be ensured that different accounts are run by defining endless integration according to the sales type. When there is a need for a correction on the data flowing from other modules to the accounting, the system guides you to the source of the data in a controlled manner and allows you to make the correction in line with your authorization.

It is quite different from its counterparts in that you can define 4 charts of accounts at the same time, make receipt entries according to the chart of accounts you want, and access the desired financial statements according to each chart of accounts.

CPM ERP Accounting Module, V.U.K. and provides multi-ledger functionality as standard for TFRS tracking. With the definitions made, the Integration Module decides which ledger record is the data created anywhere in the system or whether it concerns more than one ledger record, and automatically creates the necessary accounting slip or receipts.

In the CPM ERP program, receipt entry screens have been differentiated according to the accounting reporting type (V.U.K. Accounting slip, TFRS Accounting slip, USAAP Accounting slip). Slip creation screens created by the system such as Currency Difference, Reflection, Profit/Loss, Valuation, Cost Center Distribution, Opening Slip, Closing Slip, General Distribution have been differentiated to ensure that these transactions are carried out in a controlled and error-free manner. Monitoring of Amount and Currency records and creating Currency difference in both manual receipt entries and receipts created by the system are among the standard functions.

The accounting slip is equipped with very detailed functions. Such functions that we need in daily life, such as accessing the document source via the receipt, accessing the subordinate ledger records on the record, accessing the accounting slip that creates any record in the accessed subsidiary, are among the standards of the accounting module. Receipt and Journal numbering can be defined as extremely flexible in the accounting module.

You can use the tables obtained from the accounting module in any format (Excel, XML, PDF, JPG, etc.). You can send it by e-mail or fax from within the system.

In addition to the Cost Center application in the accounting module, there are 24 additional code structures that can be used for the same purpose. Reflection processes, which are applied as standard in accounting units, are carried out automatically when requested by preparing reflection templates.

In addition to the trial balance between two dates, there are 5 basic trial balances in the system: monthly/cumulative monthly/periodical(3 months)/cumulative periodic trial balance. All of them can be bought in foreign currency basis. It can be prepared on a foreign currency basis, by taking into account the foreign currency in the receipt records in the trial balance, by converting to any foreign currency type (This conversion can be made by considering a fixed exchange rate, receipt date or receipt document date). If desired, these conversions can be made on account code basis. (Like the exchange rate on the TL cash report date, the exchange rate on the foreign currency cash register records, etc.)

If the amount is followed by accounting, you can get a trial balance with an amount. If you want, you can get all the TL, Foreign Currency and amount trial balances at the same time.

The monthly trial balance function allows you to see all the balance sheets on the same screen month by month. This feature allows you to instantly access data such as annual expense and income analysis with a simple filter (like 7 accounts only). If you want, you can define custom trial balance templates. There is no limitation in defining templates. For example; You can easily make the controls you want by creating a trial balance template with only 191 and 391 accounts.

You can access your trial balance as you wish by making a template that will not take into account the closing entries. You can access different trial balance sheets by using the codes (30 code fields) on the accounting cards. You can save the balance sheets you have created and recall them at any time. You can make a definite Trial Balance notification. One of the transactions that are difficult to follow in businesses is the change of data in the records entered into the system after the trial balance taken on a certain date. CPM MASTER ERP also controls this.

It reports the difference in amounts between the trial balance that you created before and the trial balance that you created again in the same range.

Another work that can be done on the Trial Balance is that an account can be broken up by using the Trial Balance grouping function. For example; If account code+expenditure code grouping is requested, the system reports the relevant account by dividing it by the cost center. Trial balance with cost code is among the standard functions.

It is also a standard function to receive trial balances for more than one year at the same time and to access income statements and balance sheets via trial balance.

In the trial balance, for example, tax office of 120 accounts, account number etc. If you want to see any information about it, the system pulls the data you want from the current account and places it in the balance sheet.

If you have a specific reporting calendar other than the standard calendar, CPM MASTER ERP Accounting management also has a solution. Enter your special calendar definitions and the system will start to work either according to standard calendar times or according to special calendar time zones.

Mizan is positioned at the center of CPM ERP Accounting management. It is possible to move forward and backward on the balance sheet. It is possible to access the sub-book on the trial balance, the receipt from the sub-book, and the relevant transaction from there, and the income statement and balance sheet on the trial balance. It is also among the standard functions to bring the income statement and balance sheet together on the basis of cost centers.

You have more than one company and you want the chart of accounts to go jointly. The system coordinates this easily. It allows you to open an account in the company you specify, and automatically creates it in others.

If you have more than one company and you want to access their consolidated trial balance and financial statements, the system prepares and presents it to you without making any transfers. It can merge accounts if you want, or not.

If you have more than one company and you want control of these intercompany accounting transactions (like whether a record in one company has been entered in another company), all you need to do is to prepare the template. The system makes the necessary checks for you and allows you to access different records.

Budget on the basis of accounting chart of accounts or cost center is presented as a standard in CPM ERP accounting. You can define your budget either in TL or in foreign currency. If you have a budget that you have prepared beforehand, it can be transferred from Excel. You can access the actual reports of any budget you want.

Financial statements such as income statement and balance sheet are included in the system as defined. In addition to the standard income statement and balance sheet definitions, you can organize financial statements according to your needs with the financial statement template function.

It provides financial analysis reports as well as basic and additional tables such as Balance Sheet, Revenue, Cost of Sales, Fund Flow, Cash Flow, Profit Distribution, Equity Changes Tables.

In addition to a two-period comparative summary, detailed balance sheet and income statement, you can also prepare a balance sheet with comparative income statements over the years.

You can select the accounts for which foreign exchange difference will be calculated on the basis of main account or sub-account.

By using a detailed foreign exchange table, you can define foreign exchange difference calculations either on the basis of the main account or separately for the sub-accounts.

You can have the exchange rate difference amounts automatically calculated from within the program and generate the receipts.

If more than one currency is used in an account, the system takes this into account. Calculates different exchange rates according to foreign currency types.

You can evaluate the opening-closing receipts at the exchange rate on the receipt.

As it is known, we are moving from RULE accounting to PRINCIPLE accounting. You create the policies and leave the rest to CPM ERP. In line with the principles you have created, the system will automatically perform all necessary operations in a controlled manner, without creating additional work for the user.

When an entity includes a financing element that is a difference between the cash purchase price and the price paid, it is not added to the inventory cost. It is recognized as an interest expense in the period in which it is financed.

CPM ERP: Define cash purchase prices, interest rates table, or both, valid documents and maturity clearing periods for stock finance transactions. Start entering your moves. CPM ERP will automatically perform the necessary operations in stock and accounting. Moreover, it will create all the receipts you will need according to TFRS and V.U.K.

Assets are impaired if their carrying amount exceeds their recoverable value (market value). This damage should be recorded and reported. With this standard, inflation of the actives is prevented.

CPM ERP: If you are going to allocate provision for stock depreciation, go to the relevant worksheet and the system will assist you. Whether by selecting the manual products, analyzing the sales below cost, or by using the aging method, it will speed up the processes and will also prepare the data you will need to present to your auditor.

If businesses give guarantees for a certain period of time on the goods they sell and it is probable that the business will incur losses in the future due to these guarantees, a provision is made if the amount of this can be calculated from past experiments and technical examinations, even if it is approximate.

CPM ERP: If you need to reserve a guarantee, define it in the worksheet. The system will automatically make the necessary accruals. Moreover, it will assist you in the corrections you need to make in the cost or income items resulting from warranty changes.

If you are going to reserve a bad debt provision, go to the worksheet and create the records. The system will take the necessary actions.

If there is a collection from the enterprise for which you have made a provision, the system will warn you and make the necessary correction.

The system will perform the rediscount process for the current account and existing checks and notes, and will also warn you in the next periods.

If you are going to create a correction record for the previous period, create your slip. Define the reporting period and the accounts in the relevant period, the reports will be created as you want.

It is a provision made in cases where it is possible to pay a tax penalty but a court decision is awaited for the result.

CPM ERP: If you need to allocate provisions for lawsuits, go to the worksheet and create the records. CPM ERP will make the necessary checks and arrangements.

Provisions for Sales Premium (TMS 37)

It is reserved when a goods or cash payment is made to buyers, sales clerks, intermediaries for buying or selling over a certain amount, under sales premium or similar names in proportion to the volume of sales, but if the amount has not yet been determined or sufficient documents have not been provided yet.

CPM ERP: If you need to allocate provisions for the turnover premiums you give to your customers, go to the worksheet and make your definitions. Whether your customer invoices you or you send the premium as a product. CPM ERP will guide you.

If the business has made a sale on a credit basis, the financing transaction will be realized together with the sale transaction, and this part is reported as interest income, not income from the sale of goods and services.

CPM ERP: Use cash sales prices, interest rates table, or both, in purging revenue finance transactions. Define valid paperwork and maturity clearing periods. Start entering your moves. CPM ERP will automatically perform the necessary transactions in revenue and accounting. Moreover, it will create all the receipts you will need according to TFRS and V.U.K.

For an item of property, plant and equipment to be recognized as an asset, the property, plant and equipment must provide future economic benefits to the business and their costs must be measured reliably. If the tangible asset is purchased in installments, the financing cost in its price is decomposed and included in the financing expenses. Building and land cost should be separated and only the building should be depreciated. The main elements of tangible assets are sometimes changed at regular intervals. These elements are accounted for as separate assets because their useful lives are different from the useful lives of the tangible asset to which they relate. The old ones are removed from the financial statements.

CPM ERP: Determine the economic life and residual value of a fixed asset according to TFRS, define them in the system. Define the economic life of the same fixed asset according to the V.U.K. CPM ERP will do the rest. Accounting slips will be ready in the system according to both V.U.K. and TFRS. Change the value of the fixed asset’s economic life and residual value for TFRS each year and the system will still do what is necessary.

Regardless of the name and nature of the payments covered by this standard, they are recorded as costs related to the period in which the employer benefits, not the period in which the payment is made. The amount due in later periods is reported at the net present value of the expected payment, not the gross or amount payable.

CPM: Kıdem tazminatı ve izin karşılıklarını isterseniz aylık, isterseniz 3 aylık veya istediğiniz dönem aralıkları ile hesaplatın. Sistem gerekenleri hazırlamış olacaktır. Tüm evraklarda kayıt girişi tamamlandığında, sistem size her iki fişi de oluşturacak, manuel fiş girdiğinizde önceden oluşturabildiğiniz parametrelerle sistem sizi yönlendirecektir.

Mizan ya da gelir bilanço (Finans durum tablosu ) veya ihtiyaç duyduğunuz tüm raporlar isterseniz TFRS isterseniz V.U.K.’a göre anında hazırlanır. V.U.K. ile TFRS arasındaki farklara ulaşmak istiyorsanız, fark mizanını çalıştırın ve sonuçları anında görün.

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