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Like every company owner, it is your natural right to provide a good work environment to your employees. However, as the number of your employees increases, the burden of human resources services that must be provided to employees also increases. So, how will you manage to alleviate all this burden without disrupting your work?

By making use of CPM Human Resources Management Software for your routine HR operations; You can strengthen the communication between your employees and the human resources department and manage all official processes related to your employees through a single platform.


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What is CPM Human Resources Management Software?

In human resources departments, there are daily and easy tasks, as well as complex tasks that can cause the company to face administrative penalties when mistakes are made.

This is where Human Resources Management Software comes into play and helps to complete human resources operations in a much shorter time, which can take hours when done manually. It also ensures that human resources processes are followed through a single platform.

‌CPM Human Resources Management Software is not a by-product of ERP, but a different system that works integrated with ERP. CPM offers a special software consisting of hundreds of modules to the human resources departments of companies, through which they can reach everything they need, regardless of the company’s accounting or ERP system.

The strong infrastructure of CPM Human Resources Management Software has been successfully applied to all sectors in a very short time. This infrastructure is especially useful for businesses that have more than one workplace, such as the construction, education and security sectors, and whose personnel work by relocating in different locations:

  • It enables it to follow the personal information and legal obligations of its personnel in a single registry card.
  • It allows the preparation of payrolls of all workplaces with a single button.

Companies can choose a simple human resource management module according to their needs, or if they have more strategic needs, they can also choose ‌HR management modules, which provide solutions to business lines such as recruitment, performance management and training.

What Can You Do With CPM Human Resources Management Software?

If you are looking for a solution for Human Resources Management, you can keep all records and reports for your employees from the recruitment process until they leave the job, in accordance with legal regulations, with the successful domestic software ‌CPM Human Resources Management Software. In short, ‌CPM ‌‌HR helps you manage your human resources operations end-to-end and lightens your workload.

What makes CPM Human Resources Management Software different from others?

CPM Human Resources Management Software draws attention with its different features. These features are:

  • Personal Information
  • Staff Payroll
  • Staff Budget
  • Difference Payroll
  • Compulsory BES
  • PDKS
  • Permission Management
  • Organization Management
  • Education Management
  • Debit Management
  • Executive Interruption
  • Union Dues
  • Subsistence Management
  • Temporary Incapacity for Work
  • Occupational Accident Notification
  • Occupational Disease Notification
  • Insured Employment / Leaving Statements
  • İŞKUR and Safety Notice
  • e-statement
  • Actuarial Severance Pay
    Seniority and Notice
  • Estimated Labor Cost
  • Labor Turnover (Turnover)
  • R&D Management

Benefits of CPM Human Resources Management Software

A good ‌HR management software enables repetitive and time-consuming human resources operations to be carried out in a much shorter time and more effectively. To summarize briefly, human resource management software automates ‌HR processes.

By choosing a Human Resources Management Solution for your company:

  • You can minimize manual paperwork.
  • You can reduce workload-related stress for employees.
  • You can reduce your operational costs.
  • You can strengthen your internal communication.
  • You can eliminate the possibility that things will be delayed or extended.
  • ‌You can eliminate the dependency on Electronic Spreadsheet programs.
  • You can track your employees’ annual leave, salary, payroll and advances more effectively.
  • You can avoid administrative fines by following your legal responsibilities in the field of human resources more closely.
  • You can follow which laws your employees who are within the scope of the incentive can benefit from.
  • In the embezzlement module, you can follow the fixtures and valuable documents entrusted to the employees and their usage periods within the scope of occupational safety.

Personnel Operations with CPM ‌HR Management Software

When you choose ‌CPM for your personnel operations:

  • You can define an unlimited number of companies, employees or departments.
  • You can enter and follow the personnel, salary, additional payments, advances and deductions of your personnel.
  • You can upload all documents related to your staff in ‌(CV, letter of intent, criminal record, photo) ‌Word, ‌PDF and ‌Excel formats.
  • You can make and save calculations related to private health insurance and ‌BES transactions in accordance with the legislation.
  • Calculating the Enforcement Follow-up and Union dues
  • To be able to apply tax exemptions and SSI exceptions in family allowance, child allowance and food aid
  • You can define a separate bonus template for each staff member.
  • You can follow the course, penalty or health information of your personnel.
  • You can easily create ‌e-statements.
  • In the leave module, you can follow all reports and permits and make annual leave plans.
  • You can follow the hourly leaves given to the employees on the system.
  • In the Organization Chart module, you can visually manage the hierarchical structure of your company and the number of personnel needed in the departments.
  • In the training modules, you can follow your in-house training plans and the trainings of your personnel.
  • With the Estimated Labor Cost module, you can instantly measure the cost of the personnel by calculating the annual employer share of the personnel in recruitment.
  • With the Personnel Budget, you can predict your employer costs in advance and ensure that they are reflected up to the cash flow and the withholding statement.
  • With the Bank Integration module, you can create salary payment orders to be sent to banks in seconds.
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