CPM MASTER ERP Risk Management Module, which is developed with the aim of controlling the operational risk monitoring of the enterprises as well as controlling the accuracy of the collection processes, creating an environment where customer payment habits can be monitored and intervened, is a solution that enables you to control your money flow.

Very detailed risk reports can be obtained with its parametric structure, which can prevent the operational risks before they occur and which can be monitored in all processes of sales (offer, order, delivery note etc.) and can be managed according to the risk perception of the company.

Risk management monitors and warns about risks that may arise from past operations through the e-mail, which is one of the standard functions of CPM MASTER ERP, where business managers can be informed of the risks that may occur as a result of the operation without the concept of place and it is possible to cascade risk approval within defined limits.

The risk management module consists of three main sections and several reporting pages within these sections.

  1. Current Analysis
  2. Bonds and Check
  3. Distribution Analysis


  • Bank statement, debt, receivables, balance information
  • Debt, receivables, balance, average maturity, delayed day, delay interest, closing maturity and many more information
  • More than one balance tracking in a single current account card (Cash, Term, Unrequited etc.)
  • Delayed balance analysis according to desired time periods.
  • Next period collection analysis according to desired time periods.
  • Automatic exchange rate calculation.
  • Matching required invoices with desired collections (Debt / Credit Closing)
  • Starting the next delay interest by aproving the delay interests.
  • Bank Statement
  • Balance Details
  • Detailed Delay Interest
  • Risk
  • Guarantees
  • Exchange rate differences
  • Interest rates
  • Approval of delay interests
  • Check and Bond Risks
  • Personal Checks
  • Turnover Checks
  • Check Borrower Risks
  • Personal Bonds
  • Turnover Bonds
  • Check and Bonds Distribution
  • Daily Weekly Monthly analysis of checks and bonds.
  • Analysis of check and bond transactions according to the drawer
  • Determining the risk-affecting percentage of your personal and turnover checks and bonds
  • Ability to calculate the risk of multiple drawers as if they were one.
  • Analyzing the balances and check-bonds simultaneously in the risk analysis section.
  • Depending on the user preferences of the current balance, you can perform forward and backward profile analysis for the desired period or months.
  • You distribute data monthly and periodically
  • YTL and foreign currency distribution analysis of balances by average maturity and transaction dates