CPM ERP Organization Management, which was prepared by considering the needs of the organization companies, will be your biggest assistant in the multi-faceted control and management of all kinds of organizations such as congresses, meetings and events, your quality standards will increase and will contribute to the sustainable growth of your company. Focus on your business while CPM ERP manages the details.


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CPM ERP Organization Management offers a combination of what should be in an ERP and special solutions for organization companies. Business owners enjoy the convenience of managing everything on a single platform.


First of all, a potential card is created for the customer on the system with certain information such as title, authorized name, e-mail address and telephone.

Activity, offer, opportunity etc. on the system with potential card. All transactions can be made. Before the firm approves a given offer, the missing information on the potential card (invoice address, tax number, tax office, sector, group, etc.) is filled in and converted into a customer card.

On the company card, activities related to the company (phone, visit, meeting, etc.), information, offers, works done so far, financial status, company officials (name, department, title, mobile phone, e-mail address, etc.). ), such as all information can be viewed instantly.

Even if the project manager changes, you always have all the information about the company at hand.

Mailing works can be done by taking collective lists of company officials.

Meetings are planned on the system and important information about the meeting (decisions taken, meeting minutes, participants, etc.) can be followed.

The project manager can create cost budgets for the personnel, goods and services to be used in the activity.

Bid details given in the past are easily accessible.

It can create a sales budget by multiplying the cost budget with certain coefficients or by entering it manually.

Personnel can use predefined cost and sales price lists for goods and services.

You can see the past purchase prices of the goods or services.

Calculate estimated profitability from sales and cost budget.

It can automatically add the agency service share to the sales budget with the AHP (Agency Service Share) rate, which is defined on a company basis or can be changed manually.

You can add an unforeseen expenditure budget to the cost budget (you can limit the share of unforeseen expenditures in the total budget).

You can send the entered sales budget as a PDF in proposal format via the system via e-mail.

It can revise the cost and sales budgets it has created and can access all revisions at any time.

The created cash payment plans will automatically appear on the bank payment screen.

When the proposal is approved, a project card is automatically created by the system. This project code is requested when entering expenses, making purchases, and entering payment.

Milestones of the project can be defined. Business plans are created based on these milestones. Delays in work can be tracked.

Depending on the cost budget items, a cash payment plan can be created. Entered cash payment plans go through the approval flow. Approved cash payment plans appear on the job advance screen. From here, the system creates a file for business advances linked to the bank payment documents, and the created file is sent to the bank and processed automatically. Work advance payments are reflected in the person’s work advance account. The system gives a warning when paying salaries to people whose job advances are open.

How much sales budget has been made for which project, how much is the estimated cost budgeted, how much of the budget has been used, how much invoices have been issued for the project, how much more invoices need to be issued, how much budget is left from which expenditure item, what is the gross profitability, etc. information can be monitored instantly from the “Project Status and Profitability Report”.

The project manager enters the expenses he has made into the system by selecting the project card from the expense entry screen and linking it to the budget items. During the login, all controls such as whether such an expenditure item has been budgeted, whether the budget is sufficient, whether the user has the authority to spend on the budget, etc. are performed automatically.

Bütçelenmemiş masrafları öngörülmeyen gider bütçesinden kullanabilir.

Girilen tüm masraflar kurgulanan onay akışına göre onaylardan geçtikten sonra otomatik olarak muhasebeye ve entegre olur ve personel cari hesabına entegre olur. İş avansı hesabından düşer.

The project manager has budgeted accommodation, rental, service or goods purchase, etc. in the activity. creates a demand by specifying the project code and budget item for the items. It specifies its criteria for the demand it creates (maximum price, quantity, general specifications, etc.). The system automatically performs all controls such as whether such an expenditure item is budgeted, whether the budget is sufficient, and whether the user has the authority to spend on the budget.

Satın alma departmanı bu kriterlere göre araştırmasını yapar ve teklif toplar ve topladığı teklifleri tedarikçiden gelen tekliflerle birlikte sisteme girer ve onaya gönderir.

Gerekli onaylardan geçen tekliflerden bir tanesi onaylanmış olarak tekrar satın almanın önüne gelir ve satın alma teklifi siparişe çevirir.

Alım faturası sisteme girildikten ve gerekli onaylardan geçtikten sonra otomatik olarak muhasebe ve finansa aktarılır.

Vadesi gelen faturalar ödeme ekranına düşer.

Yetkisi olan kullanıcı tarafından ödeme evrakına bağlanan faturalar için sistem bir dosya oluşturur ve oluşturulan dosya bankaya gönderilerek otomatik olarak işleme alınır.

Sistemde hizmet veya mal alım tiplerine göre onaylı tedarikçi tanımları yapılabilir.

Onaylı tedarikçilere bağlı veya tedarikçiden bağımsız fiyat listeleri oluşturulabilir.

Tedarikçilerle yapılan dönemlik sözleşmeleri sisteme girilebilir. Fiyatlar sözleşmeden otomatik alınabilir.

Payrolls of regular or daily working personnel can be made through the system.

The payroll is transferred to the payroll and the person’s payroll is automatically created by the system. The created payroll is transferred to accounting and finance automatically. It is automatically reflected in the salary account of the personnel. Salaries will automatically fall on the bank payment screen. After connecting here, the system creates a file and the created file is sent to the bank and processed automatically. (In order for a staff member to be paid a salary, they must reset their job advance (use is optional)

All permission requests, follow-up and approval are made through the system. The staff can see their leave progress instantly.

Fixtures, contracted devices and vehicles, and accessories attached to them are tracked through the system. In order for the severance pay to be calculated when leaving the job, the personnel must deliver the materials and tools that are embezzled on them.

The personnel enters the advance amount requested on the advance request screen, specifying the payment term and the number of installments. Entered advance request goes to approval. Approved advance requests are displayed on the bank payment screen. The system creates a file for the salary advances linked to the bank payment documents and the created file is sent to the bank and processed automatically. Advance payments are also reflected in the payroll. If desired, limitations may be imposed on the advance request amount.

Inventory tracking of materials purchased for organizations can be done. Costs can be reduced by checking stocks before making a purchase in the next organization.

Like a coffee machine. Expensive organization materials can be tracked. Controls can be made, whether these materials are used in which organization or not, whether they come from the organization or to whom they are delivered.

Inventory tracking of the materials sent by customers for consignment purposes can be done for use in their organizations.

Before the organization, the materials in the stock can be reserved and the warehouse manager can be informed and prepared before the organization.

You can perform all kinds of financial follow-up and risk management related to your customers, personnel and suppliers on the system.

You can plan your cash flow.

You can match the payment received from the customer with more than one project.

You can easily transfer incoming payments to the system with the MT-940 file you will receive from your bank.

If you can send the file created in the system to your bank for the payments you will make, you can perform your payment transactions faster and without errors.

It can easily take a trial balance. You can access from the trial balance to the assistant, from the assistant to the receipt, from the receipt to the relevant document with a single click. You can monitor the entire process from trial balance to proposal.

By creating templates for balance sheet, income statement, expense statement, fund flow and cash flow reports, you can get them in the format you want and in seconds.

You can follow your fixtures and make your depreciation calculations. As soon as you calculate the depreciation, you can instantly transfer it to the accounting.

You can follow your insurance policies on the system. You can transfer automatically generated 180-280 passes to accounting.

You can make your balance, ba-bs reconciliations with your customers and give your ba-bs statements from the system.


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