The ability to monitor all project-related processes in an integrated structure is often decisive for the success and profitability of projects. It is extremely important to plan and monitor the procurement processes according to the discovery list and the stages in the project, to instantly compare the budgets and the actual values, to receive all the reports needed for the project when requested, to examine the profit / loss status of the project.


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CPM ERP has been prepared by considering all processes and operations related to project follow-up. With its integrated structure, it adds value to the corporate integrity of your business. Businesses that have switched to CPM ERP experience the ease, security and comfort of being able to run all their workflows and operations from a single structure.


All operations to be done through the application are done with the project code. A project card is defined for all the projects with which the contract has been made. The project card contains all the details about the project. The ‘Contract, Technical Documents, etc.’ of the project can be added as a file to the project card. With the project cards system, you can easily access all project data, and you can easily get the reports you need from the project card.

Material budget is created by separating the materials defined in the discovery list according to the product group. A monthly estimated budget is created for the materials to be used, taking into account the needs according to the processes in the project. The actual budget figures are formed by considering the material purchase invoices of the project. With the budget comparison report, the estimated budget and the actual budget figures are compared. This report can be retrieved from the project card at any time.

A monthly budget is defined for the expenditures to be made in the project. All expense invoices entered into the system are recorded according to the project code. In addition, 740 accounts in accounting are followed on a project basis. A budget comparison report is prepared by taking into account the purchase invoices of the project. This report can be retrieved from the project card at any time.

Project Manager, Site Manager, Master, Assistant Master, etc. According to the project process, it is determined in advance how many people will work in which month. How many people from which personnel will work in which month is also defined in a separate table on the project card. In addition, the monthly cost information of the personnel is recorded in a separate table. Based on this information, the monthly labor cost budget is automatically created. The labor cost budget comparison report, which is prepared considering the monthly personnel payrolls, can be taken directly from the project card.

Keşif listesi proje takibinde son derece önemlidir. Projede kullanılacak olan malzemelerin tüm ayrıntıları keşif listesinde yer alır. Keşif listesinde malzemelerin ‘Termin Tarihi ve Proje İhtiyaç Dönemi’ mutlaka tanımlanır. Alım sürecinin yürütülmesi ve kontrolü keşif listesindeki bilgiler üzerinden yapılır.

Bir projeye ait birden fazla keşif listesi olabilir. Keşif listeleri onay sürecinden geçer. Onaylanan keşif listeleri değiştirilemez. Proje kartında keşif listesindeki malzemeler ile proje için alınan malzemelerin karşılaştırma raporu da mevcuttur. Proje için malzeme alım talepleri keşif listesi üzerinden yapılır.

The project procurement process begins with the purchase request. Purchase requests are made by the site or directly by the project manager. Purchase requests made from the construction site are approved by the project manager. Approved purchase requests are transferred to purchasing. The purchase process of unapproved purchase requests cannot be started.

Purchase offers can be created from the purchase request or directly. In the purchase offer, prices and payment terms received from different companies are entered on a material basis. If desired, a purchase offer can be created according to the product group and company.

A purchase order is created for the purchase offers that are decided to be purchased. All information about the material received in the purchase order, payment terms, delivery date and all details of the place are entered into the order. The purchase order is sent for the approval of the finance department first, then the project manager, and then the General Manager depending on the amount of the order. Approvals can be made directly through the program or on the Web.

The shipment planning of the materials to be shipped to the construction sites is made according to the delivery date entered in the purchase orders.

The materials delivered to the construction site are delivered with the waybill. The waybill is recorded by connecting the purchase orders to the receipt. In cases where all orders cannot be delivered, the remaining open orders in the system can be tracked effectively.

Purchase waybills are linked to the purchase invoice and the purchase invoices are recorded in the system. All transactions related to the purchase order are carried out by the purchasing department. The direct accounting records of the purchase invoices entered into the system are also made automatically.

While entering the purchase invoices, the payment table is also created. Every purchase invoice entered into the system is necessarily associated with a project card. Therefore, a separate payment table can be created for each project.

When you enter the project card, we tried to ensure that you can access all the information about the project. We have added all the reports you may need regarding the project to the project card so that you can receive them easily and quickly.

  • Discovery List Check Report
  • Report of Materials Dispatched to the Project
  • Materials Used in the Project Report
  • Material Report Included in Progress Payment
  • Scrapped Materials Report
  • Material Budget Comparison Report
  • General Expense Budget Comparison Report
  • Labor Costs Budget Comparison Report

All workplaces and personnel can be defined in the CPM Personnel Module and monthly payroll transactions can be made. In addition, legal notifications and reports about personnel can be prepared directly through this program.

Daily payroll information of the personnel working in the projects is entered from the daily payroll entry screen on the project card. There may be personnel transfer between construction sites. These transfers are done within the system. Between which dates, on which project, and how many days the personnel worked, can be answered clearly through the system.

It is the table that shows the profit and loss status of the project in line with the information entered at the time it is run. The total cost of the project is calculated by taking into account the realized overhead, material purchases and labor costs. Project revenues, on the other hand, are calculated by taking into account the sales invoices issued to the project card.


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