300.000 TL Grant, 500.000 TL Interest-Free Credit Opportunity from KOSGEB to SMEs Producing Production

KOSGEB has announced a new support package called KOBIGEL (SME DEVELOPMENT). Applications for this support package, for which 150 million TL of resources were transferred, started on April 1 and will end on May 6. NACE codes for the determined regions and sectors are announced on the KOSGEB website.

Supported sectors all over Turkey

(The average net sales revenue for the years 2014 and 2015 should be 300.000 TL, a profit should be made in one of these years and at least three people should be employed. The support rate is 60%.)

  1. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical materials
  2. Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical tubes

30.3 Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft and related machinery

  1. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

25.4 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition (ammo)

  1. Manufacture of electrical equipment
  2. Manufacture of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified
  3. Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers (trailers) and semi-trailers (semi-trailers)

30.2 Manufacture of railway locomotives and wagons

30.9 Manufacture of means of transport nec

32.5 Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and equipment

Only 3-4-5-6. Supported industries in the region

(Supporting rate 80%, grant 200.000 TL, interest-free loan 400.000 TL) The average net sales revenue of 2014 and 2015 must be 200.000 TL, a profit must be made in one of these years and at least two people must be employed. Support rate is 80%):

18.2 Reproduction of recorded media

22.Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

19.Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products

23.Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

24.Basic metal industry

25.Manufacture of fabricated metal products, excluding machinery and equipment

30.1 Ship and boat building

33.Installation and repair of machinery and equipment

10.Manufacture of food products

11.07 Manufacture of soft drinks; manufacture of mineral waters and other bottled waters

13.Manufacture of textile products

14.Manufacture of apparel

15.Manufacture of leather and related products

16.Manufacture of wood, wood products and cork products (except furniture); manufacture of articles by knitting thatch, straw and similar materials

17.Manufacture of paper and paper products

18.Printing and reproduction of recorded media (Except 18.2)
31.Furniture manufacturing

32. Other manufactures (Excluding 32.5)

In the support package, KOSGEB supports the “Personnel, Material-Equipment, Software, Service, Other” lanes of the investments of SMEs for “improving the manufacturing capacity and increasing the efficiency”. If you are interested in government grants while making investments for your company for project applications to be made over the Internet at the address www.kosgeb.gov.tr, we recommend that you take action immediately. All kinds of detailed information are available on KOSGEB’s website.

You can get information from us for any questions you may have on the subject.




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